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Briquer Counselling is designed to assist students in achieving their emotional well-being which is very necessary for success. It offers an opportunity to talk with the counselor with complete assurance in regards to problems related with academic, emotional, social, personal etc. that concern students and families.

You can benefit immensely if participate actively; attend sessions on time and by being open and honest with the counselor. By doing so, the counselor can help you to explore your feelings and thoughts, control your present state of mind and guide you to deal with problems and possible solutions in the present as well as in the future.

Common Student Concerns

  • I often feel sad and don't know why.
  • My mind goes blank during tests.
  • It's hard for me to talk to people.
  • I have no confidence in myself.
  • I can't get my work done on time.
  • I'm having a hard time juggling work, school and family.
  • I worry too much.
  • I'm having panic attacks before exams and don't know what to do.

These are some of the basic issues that play mostly in student’s mind. Our priority is to help them so that they can manage their academic and personal demands more effectively. All Counselling is confidential.

Equipment needed for e-counseling

All you need is a computer with Internet access. It is helpful to have broadband, or a fairly fast connection. No need to download any special software to use our Counselling programe.

Skills required for e-counselling

  • You should be a fairly fast typist.
  • You should be comfortable with text-based communication (Chat, online forums, email)

Advantages of online counseling

  • Anonymity: Some people feel safer and are more comfortable
  • Convenience: Greater flexibility and options in appointments
  • Time efficiency: One doesn't need to take time off work or travel anywhere
  • Accessibility: Offers increased access to services from rural and remote locations or to people who are unable to leave their homes or travel to an office
  • Cost-effective: Costs less than face-to-face counseling, and travel costs, child-care costs etc can be eliminated.

Disadvantages of online counseling

  • Text Based communications. You or your counselor would say more in a face to face situation than you do when you are typing.
  • Non-verbal cues normally present in a conversation are not accessible, increasing the risk of misinterpretation for both you and your counselor. Counselors are trained in how to communicate tone, feeling, humor etc, but these can more easily be misinterpreted. Sometimes you have to say “out loud” what the counselor would be able to deduce if he or she could see you.
  • Sometimes situations are too complex to be adequately conveyed in text messages and therefore the online contact may need to be supplemented by telephone counseling.

To communicate with our counselor, you can chat online and discuss your issues with him OR you can fill up the form below, send us your queries and our experts will try to answer them as soon as possible

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